Finals Week at LU

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Exam week stressing you out? Don’t let it!

By: Madison Reasor

Students at Liberty University are beginning to take exams, and some say exam week is the hardest week of the semester to get through.

Even though studying is a very important part of some student’s success, you should not skip out on sleep just to study for an exam. Students should study, and should study everyday, or whenever needed for consistency.

Studying for exams could be a big part of how the person does overall in a class. I went around the library at Liberty University and asked several students why they study for exams, the night before. Most of them told me that they think it helps them remember the content.

I talked to five students about their time during exams and what they do before and during exam week. Three of them said they study the night before and the other two said that they study in advance.

With my results, I see that the students should study before hand and not the night before. Keep in mind I only talked to five people that I saw in the library at Liberty University.

There were a few students who told me they study a few days before exams and also the night before, but they do not stay up all night. Some students know that staying up all night can actually be worse than not staying up all night.

Tariro Moyo, student at Liberty University told me that before she came to Liberty University she knew that exam week was going to be challenging but she did not know how challenging it was going to be. People tell stories about what college and what exam week is really like, but people really do not get the full experience until they experience it themselves.

“I am about to be a junior in college and I am still looking for new ways to study so I can find out which things work for me and which things do not,” Moyo said.

I also asked each of the students what helps them get through exam week. Each student had the same idea. A few of them said that they prayed to get through the week, and of course each of them added studying to that.

If you wait until the last minute to study for exams, cram, you could end up with a worse grade than you had before. Moyo told me that when she was in high school she often struggled with tests because she would cram and do things the last minute but at the time she did not even care about her grades she just wanted to get out of school.

A students stress level can be changed by when they study. For example, if a student is really stressed out before they study for their exams and before they take their exams they will not perform to the best of their ability.

The advice I have for college student taking their exams is do not wait until the last minute to study for your exams.

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Exam week begins, don’t let it stress you out

By: Madison Reasor

Students at Liberty University have begun to take exams, did you know that a lot of students wait until the last minute to study for exams. The most stressful week of college is always exam week.

Kristen Hallstrom, a sophomore at Liberty told me she waits the night before to study for her tests and her exams.

“I feel like when I study the night before, I remember it better the next morning instead of studying the week before and not remembering anything,” Hallstrom said.

According to UCLA, sleep is more important than studying and cramming for an exam. These days, some students are staying up all night to study instead of sleeping and that is not helping them in the long run.

“When I have my own study schedule, I get more work done. I remember everything I was studying. I believe that studying and having a schedule is very beneficial for me,” Tariro Moyo, student at Liberty said.

“I pass the classes but studying the night before didn’t help me retain the knowledge,” Hallstrom said.

As you can see, studying the night before does not seem to be very beneficial to these students. It might seem like a good idea at the time, but the next morning the students regret it.

This USA Today article says, “After staying up all night, you’ll likely remember less of everything you studied and your ability to reason your way to answers you’re unsure of will be severely diminished.”

“I did not realize how much I need to study for my exams, from now on I am going to study three to four days before my exam. Moderation is key to passing your exam,” Hallstrom said.

According to the USA Today article a tip for studying says people need to figure out if they study better at night or during the day.

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Liberty Online Goes Offline: The Big Move

By: Cassie Conley

Who: Liberty University Online

What: Move to new location

When: May 4, 2016

Liberty University’s Online (LUO) program has officially reached its new destination after preparing for this domino effect move for months.

Previously located conveniently near Liberty University’s campus, LUO has moved to a bigger office to accommodate the hundreds of employees needed for the program’s growing numbers. After the relocation this will  allow several departments from main campus to occupy the empty space left at River Ridge Mall.

“The school felt the mall would do better without Liberty taking up space that could be used for retail,” President Jerry Falwell said in the News & Advance.

The new office building located on Graves Mill Road welcomed Liberty University Online Wednesday, May 4. The employees were required to attend a professional development meeting during the morning followed by a complimentary lunch at Reber Thomas Dining Hall located on Liberty University’s main campus.

“Our previous office was great. It was convenient to campus and everyone was pretty well acquainted with it, but when it came down to it, we just really needed a bigger space,” Office Manager Debra Tyree said.

Many departments were affected during this move, however Liberty Online has been training their employees for months because of the changes that would occur. Certain departments were merged together while certain employees shifted their focus as a result of the move.

“I was reluctant at first, but the place is going to be awesome once its functional. There are a ton of issues, which is somewhat expected with a  move this size, but Liberty is typically fast with working these kind  of things out,” Gabriel McGann said.

Each executive, department, and student worker were responsible for their cubicle or office. This included labeling, organizing, and packing their belongings to ensure efficiency during the transition to the new office.

“Yes, it was a big job but it was nice to see everyone working together. It felt more like we were family after all that,” Department of Recruitment student worker Carrie Henning said.

Left Behind

The new office building has  left several people with mixed emotions. There were certain departments that were not required to move to the new office space and were forced to watch fellow coworkers and friends pack their desks.For many, it was a bittersweet experience.

Ezra Anderson Liberty University Online Academy

Along with the benefits that come with the job at LUO, many friendships are built here and creating space between them has been difficult for several of the employees.

“I’m happy with the move overall, although it is bittersweet, because I get a better desk arrangement, but less interaction with coworkers,” Academic Advisor George Alderman said.

For those departments that were left behind, a series of changes will occur. Student workers will no longer be responsible for opening, closing and coffee responsibilities, rather each department will learn and be responsible for their own area.

Student workers are responsible for ensuring the coffee is well maintained, faxes, supplies are delivered in a timely manner, special projects for departments, opening and closing responsibilities and several other important tasks. These tasks will now be carried out by the student workers at the Graves Mill Road location.

The new office space will take time to become the familiar atmosphere found at River Ridge Mall, however with the team working together it will not take too long.

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Focusing on the positives

By: Cassie Conley

Liberty University’s Online program has completed the moving process leaving the employees with mixed feelings about the transition.


Many employees were a part of the long- awaited move that took place Wednesday, May 4. While most are excited and optimistic about the space and new office opportunities for departments on main campus, it has been a bittersweet moment for many. Friendships that have been developing over time are now finding distance because of certain departments remaining at the River Ridge Mall Location.For some these changes are seen as unnecessary or inconvenient., however many are trying to focus on the new features that are offered, while others are just thankful it is closer to where they live.

New features at the Graves Mill Road location include:

  • New recreational room
  • Sodexo catering
  • More cubicles
  • Larger conference rooms
  • Separate floors for various departments
  • Larger cubicle spaces
  • More space in the break rooms

“It’s perfect for Liberty’s uses, because it’s already set up to be a call center,” President Jerry Falwell said in The News and Advance.

The University worked hard to ensure a smooth transition by allowing adequate time for moving, requesting additional help, closing the department early and supplying boxes to every employee. Employees were then required to label all their personal belongings which would then be moved for them during the night.

Liberty University Online allows over 90,000 students to receive an education without ever stepping foot on campus. This number has and continues to grow as the program strives for excellency and because of this a bigger work space was needed.

The online program recently occupied the Sears portion of River Ridge Mall in Lynchburg, VA.

According to Liberty News, Liberty University recently purchased 75 percent interest in the mall to benefit the city of Lynchburg.

Liberty University Online is back in action in their new call center and will continue with normal routine.

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At Liberty University/ it seems like there is always something going on// Well/ that is even true for the online program// With the  expansion of the program/ Liberty Online needed a larger work environment which is what brought them here to what is previously recognized as Nationwide///

This new office space offers more offices/larger cubicles/ a recreational room/ a more professional atmosphere and several other unique features//

While there are many mixed emotions about this transition/ most of the employees are focusing on the positive and thankful for the opportunities this move has created.

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Liberty Students for Freedom

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Liberty Students for freedom
Joe Walsh comes to speak at a Liberty event

Who: Joe Walsh, former Congressman of Illinois, host of the Joe Walsh Radio Talk Show
Where: Liberty University, Demoss Hall, room 4040
What: Joe Walsh comes to Liberty University speak at an event

By: Kylie Kehrman

Friday, April 29, three Liberty clubs joined forces to have a former congressman of Illinois and conservative talk show host to come and speak to the students of Liberty University.

Christians 4 Freedom, along with Students at Liberty for Gun Rights and Turning Point USA were proud to present Joe Walsh. The event was announced at convocation. Walsh made an appearance on stage to encourage students to come to the event.

“To save this country, it’s on you, it’s going to be on your generation,” Walsh said, “You’re going to have to do something about it. It’s up to you to save the America you are standing up for.”

The event took place in the Demoss room 4040 at 7:00 p.m. There were more than 80 people in attendance, including Walsh’s wife Helen.

Shannon Robinson, secretary of Christians 4 Freedom says that they had to change their room reservations three times prior to the event in order to accommodate.

“No matter your age, no matter your political persuasion, I appreciate anytime anybody takes five or ten minutes to think about this country,” Walsh said.

Walsh discussed the future of America, and the importance of being college students being involved in politics. He spoke for about 45 minutes then followed with a 15 minute long Q&A.

The event was initially set up by Christians 4 Freedom. Walsh said that he was invited and come to speak at Liberty by Nicholas Hamilton, the president and cofounder of Christians 4 Freedom. Hamilton heard Walsh speak at an event hosted by Turning Point USA.

Students at Liberty for Gun Rights and Turning Point USA Liberty Chapter helped in the coordination, advertisement and funding in the event.

This was Walsh’s first time visiting Liberty. He took the opportunity to come to speak on campus eagerly.

“I was excited to come to Liberty because I had never been before,” Walsh said.

The students in attendance were just as eager to hear what Walsh had to say. The crowd was engaged in what Walsh had to say. There were even a few students who had come to the event from North Carolina State.

Brittany Specht, the secretary of Students at Liberty for gun Rights and sophomore at Liberty says that both Jordan Stein, the president of Students at Liberty for Gun Rights, and Hamilton put months into planning the event.

“It was really well done. I know that Mr. Walsh was very appreciative how well it was organized. The president of my club, Students at Liberty, Jordan, he put a lot of effort into this, and Nick Hamilton too,” Said Specht, “Everything went very well. We had good time keeping. Mr. Walsh said he was very impressed by the time he left by how smooth things went.”

Christians 4 Freedom, Students at Liberty for Gun Rights and Turning Point USA Liberty Chapter are all student run clubs here at Liberty. While all three of these clubs have different focuses, they all stand for one thing: freedom.

All three clubs will continue to host events the following semester, and are open to anyone interesting in joining.

For even more freedom, tune into the Joe Walsh Show. A new episode is released each weekday at 5-7 P.M. Central time.

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College Students and Politics
Joe Walsh on why it is important that college students are engaged in Politics

By: Kylie Kehrman

Illinois’s former congressman and the host of the Joe Walsh radio talk show made an appearance at Liberty University, April 29, to talk about the future of America and what our generation has to do with it.

Liberty was honored to have Joe Walsh come and speak at both convocation and later at an event put on by Christians 4 Freedom, Students at Liberty for Gun Rights and Turning Point USA. Walsh came to discuss the importance of student involvement in the political system.

“It’s very important because it will impact their lives. Politics will dictate the kind of world you will grow up in. Politics dictate what you’ll be able to say, the money you’ll be able to keep, the freedom you have in life,” Said Walsh.

Walsh said that if you are not involved in the political system, then you will be forced depend on those who are.

“I believe it is important for America’s youth to be active in politics regardless of any college student degree and aspiration in life. I believe this because within just a few years we will be suffering the consequences of our silent voices. In just a few years, it will be on today’s millennials to turn this nation around and restore the moral and biblical values we once had,” Shannon Robinson, secretary of Christians 4 Freedom and Liberty University Freshman, said.

Unfortunately, college students tend to show little interest towards today’s politics. This can  prove to be detrimental to America.

How will our involvement in politic impact America?

  • We are the future of America. It is our generation that will be running the country in a few years.


  • Our generation is the largest generation in America. Our decisions are going to determine the course of this country, and we need to be prepared.


  • Our country is morally and financially bankrupt, and it is our generation and every generation after us that is going to suffer for it.


“We are the future of America,” Brittany Specht, the Secretary of Students at Liberty for Gun Rights, said, “If we are not involved then we have no idea what will come out of D.C. or leadership. You need to be involved in something that has such a large impact on you and your future family.”

You can watch Walsh’s speech on the Christian’s 4 Freedom YouTube channel.

You can also check out the Joe Walsh Show, which airs every weekday from 7-5 p.m. central time.

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Stressful seniors leaving Liberty

Somber seniors head out into the real world

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 By: W. Bennett Brown

 What? Graduation & Commencement

When? Friday, May 13 – Saturday, May 14

Where? Graduation ceremonies will be held at Williams Stadium.

Who? Seniors

Over 35,000 people are expected to be visiting Liberty University’s campus this weekend in honor of the seniors who are graduating May 14, 2016 at Williams Stadium.

With over 14,500 residential students, nearly 2,000 students will be leaving Liberty’s campus Saturday, according to Liberty’s website.

Over 19,000 graduates will be recognized. Approximately 17,000 of the graduates studied through Liberty Online. For some of those students, senior year has been a great time, for others it may have been the hardest year of their long academic career.

It is a great feat to complete over 17 years of schooling, and is worth celebrating. On the contrary, as seniors look back on their college memories it can be bittersweet and even depressing.

“About 54% of men and 61% of women “occasionally” or “frequently” feel depressed their senior year,” according to a study by the Education Advisory Board.

There are many changes that seniors are experiencing in their last year of college. They are leaving friends and the school they love. Also, graduates are attempting to join the competitive workforce. It can be a tough challenge to face, and that’s why a study by EAB found that one in 10 seniors feel depressed “frequently”.

“I’m really bummed because I’ve made some awesome friends and long lasting relationships with people who I’m sad to see so far away. It will test our friendships. I’m a little bit nervous, but not too nervous,” Juan Moscoso, Senior at Liberty University, said.

As the end of each year gets closer, so do finals. Finals add to the stress that many seniors are facing, along with the reality of leaving a place they’ve called home. Business majors, a popular major across the country, experience additional stress with a course called Capstone.

“I’m pretty bummed, it’s a bittersweet moment. I’m very excited to be done with all the work. Capstone was definitely the biggest challenge for me,” Jonathan Sage, Senior at Liberty University, said.

At Liberty University there are plenty of caring people to help those in need of counseling. If students are facing anxiety or depression, it is a good idea to visit a counselor. Counselors are available for confidential treatments, for up to six sessions, lasting 45 to 50 minutes each.

“The most bitter aspect of it is: the past four years at Liberty have been the most incredible years of my life. That whole saying you hear, “College is the best time of your life,” I don’t doubt it. While I’m excited for the future, I’m also bummed to leave everything that I have grown so accustomed to,” Sage said.

Being able to handle stress appropriately is a skill that is important for the entirety of life. Moscoso has been at peace with the graduation process, because his parents have been very relaxed and lenient.

“This semester I have taken it really easy, with no classes on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, this semester I go out take photos go on hikes so I can de-stress,” Moscoso said.

Advice for students and seniors from Sage and Moscoso:

  • Keep pressing on.
  • Keep searching for jobs.
  • Don’t give up.
  • Don’t stress out.
  • If your friends invite you to go have fun, just do it.
  • Give everyone a chance, even if they are weird.
  • Read your books.
  • Always talk like there is a microphone on you.

“There were moments of uncertainty at the beginning of the semester like: What am I going to do with the rest of my life? Am I going back home? Am I going to get an apartment? Or be at home and just sleep on the couch,” Moscoso said.

When asked about strategies to relieve stress during school: “I just go off campus and call my friends to go take pictures or drive around. Anything that is not school related to keep my mind off things,” Moscoso said.

Moscoso believes that God has a greater plan for his life than anyone could imagine. God is always consistent and never changing according to Moscoso.

No matter how challenging senior year has been, or will be, it is important to continue to work hard and face adversity.

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Congratulations to the 2016 Graduates

(Web News Story)

By: W. Bennett Brown

Approximately 35,000 people are expected to be visiting Lynchburg, Virginia for Liberty University’s Class of 2016’s graduation Saturday, May 14, 2016.

Over 19,000 graduates will be in cap and gown, thanks to an overwhelming amount of 17,000 students graduating from Liberty’s online school.

The Class of 2016 is diverse, with students from Canada, Korea, Nigeria, China and Germany. Nearly 6,000 of the graduates are involved with the military, or are married to a member of the United States military.

A huge recognition goes out to 500 individuals who will be receiving their doctorate and 1,143 students who maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Top Residential Majors:

– Business Administration

– Psychology

– Nursing

– Criminal Justice

– Communications Studies

The graduation process is fun, but can be stressful. Many students are trying to plan graduation parties, and families are flying in from all over the world. Fortunately, Liberty University has all the ceremonies and events clearly planned out in the Commencement Weekend Guide Mailer that has been sent out in the mail to all graduates.

According to Liberty’s website, the Baccalaureate Service will be Friday, May 13 at 6 p.m. in the Vines Center, where evangelist Tim Lee will speak.

The Commencement Ceremony will start at 10 a.m. Saturday with New York Giants running back, Rashad Jennings, giving the keynote address.

Graduation should be a beautiful day. The weather for Saturday, during graduation, is expected to be in the upper 70s. There is only a 10 percent chance of rain, according to

If anyone is unable to attend the graduation due to travel or inconvenience, viewing of the ceremonies can be seen online. The Baccalaureate service can be seen here. The Commencement ceremony can be seen here on liberty’s website.

There is parking available for guests and graduates throughout liberty’s campus. Maps will be available. No tickets are required for family members and guest of graduates to attend various events during graduation weekend.

The Class of 2017 will have commencement May 13, 2017, and the graduation for the Class of 2018 will be held May 19, 2018.

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Liberty University’s Farmers Market

LU’s the place for Food, Fashion and Friends for three year running!

Cailin McNamara // May 8, 2016

Liberty University hosts its Farmer’s Market for its third season featuring over 20 different vendors.

Starting in 2014, the Liberty Farmers Market was created to help promote local economy and help networking between farmers and artisans with the Liberty University family, along with the Lynchburg locals. This market has helped bring the community together in a fun, creative and tasty way.

You can grab a spot for free in the Doc’s parking lot every Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 6 o’clock to showoff your business. The vendors range from local produce, coffee and doughnuts to crafts and jewelry.

Liberty’s very own Morris Campus Farm brings their fresh produce and other farm products to sell. You can find seasonal crops such as kale, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, green beans, lettuce, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, squash, and a variety of herbs. They also offer pastured, non-GMO chicken and eggs.

When it comes to prepared food, Uprooted seems to be everyone’s favorite. This unique food truck offers fresh, organic, local food. Some of the favorites are the Farm Burger with a side of their homemade fries, along with their Jerk Chicken Tacos with a side of homemade potato chips. Owner Jessica Gonzalez said that along with bringing healthy food to Lynchburg, she also wanted to help bring awareness to how important clean eating is.

Bringing awareness and assisting in getting organic foods to students seems to be the big idea to all the food vendors. Getting healthy food into the peoples diets so it isn’t just a constant consumption of chemicals.

Not only does Liberty’s Farmers Market offer yummy foods, but homemade arts and crafts are a big part of the its success. Gramma Darla’s Shop, started by Forest, VA, very own Gramma Darla, sells homemade knitted “cute things.” Headbands, dishtowels and potholders are only the beginning of the plethora of knitted items she offers for sale.

Sodexo, the universities food service provider, is who is to thank for bringing this great market to us. “ It has been nothing short of amazing to see how many strong relationships have been established here at the market,” Anthony Dellgatti, district manager of Sodexo, said. “There has been so much positive feedback from students and locals, we look forward to many more years with the market.”

Going into finals week the market has also been a place of stress relief. Walking around the mountainous location through so many great shops has helped give positive vibes to the whole campus.

Student Sydney Malcolm is one of the markets regulars. “I just love the happy energy everyone gives off, it gives you a break from the stressfulness of college” Sydney said. “Not only can you come and get a great cup of coffee, but I’ve meet some great people that I can call friends.”

So whether you want to come by for some fresh eggs or if you’re looking for a stylish new headband, Liberty University’s very own farmer’s market is the place to go. Come on down, and hurry, because until next year, its only here until November 10.

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Liberty Grads make the college caffeine addiction their livelihood 

Cailin McNamara // May 8, 2016

Two of Liberty University’s very own graduates bring their self-made coffee shop to the annual Liberty Farmers Market

 Liberty graduates Adam Shurr and Ben Young founded Golf Park Coffee in 2014. After almost 3 years in business, they decided to showcase their delicious drinks at the Liberty Farmers Market.

After graduating in 2007, Adam decided to make Lynchburg his home. “Central Virginia is in the midst of an amazing craft food and beverage awakening.  There are breweries, restaurants, wineries and coffee shops popping up all over the area and we are so thrilled that Golf Park Coffee has had a chance to be a part of the exciting things happening in the region.” Adam said on the Gold Park Coffee webpage.

As for Ben, he studied business administration and marketing at Liberty. After recently moving to Nashville, Tennessee, he still remains in charge of all executive duties including, business relations, marketing, product development, and finances. You could consider him the brains behind getting Gold Park Coffee a popular Lynchburg household name.

They work with Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Co. located in Richmond, Virginia, to choose the highest quality coffee on the market for all the major growing areas in the world!

Their cold brew is one of the signature drinks at Gold Park. Shurr and Young work to rotate the coffee for this drink based off seasonality and availability from the farms. They use a steeping method to brew the cold brew because it gives an even extraction and allows the natural flavor and sweetness of the coffee to break through common bitterness or acidity.

Besides the Liberty Farmer’s Market, you can find Gold Park Coffee Co. at many different Lynchburg locations. Those being:

  • Market at Main
  • Magnolia Foods
  • The Farm Basket
  • Live Trendy or Die
  • Open Porch
  • Third Wave Coffee

If you don’t feel like visiting them in person, you can get any of their fashionable and yummy products shipped to your home, office or send them as a gift. They offer merchandise like hats, t-shirts, whole bean coffee and different sizes of their cold brew.

Come check them out and show support every Thursday at the Liberty Farmers Market from 3:30 p.m. to 6 o’clock p.m. located in Docs parking lot. You’ll be glad you did!

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You’re looking at the prime real estate of Docs diners very own parking lot, that is home to the very best market in town// Every Thursday from now until November 10 you can visit Liberty University’s very own farmers market// You can find things that range from local produce, coffee and doughnuts to crafts and jewelry from the different vendors// The market is open from 3:30 p.m. to 6 o’clock p.m. so come on down and enjoy some great items, food and even better company// Its an experience that is going to become a weekly activity, and that will have you coming back year after year//

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Finals Week: The Trail of Tears

By: Caroline Morse

Finals week at universities can be full of stress, tears and sleepless nights as students prepare for the end of the school year.

The most intimidating time at universities is when finals week rolls around at the end of the fall and spring semesters. Most students are just submitting their final projects for classes when the storm of cumulative tests start brewing the week beforehand. Some young scholars may become very anxious, feel under-prepared for tests or even feel hopeless seeing how close finals are. Other young scholars feel prepared, confident and are ready to ride through the storm to finish the semester out strong.

Finals week is here.

Attack Modes

In order to survive this week of terror, students typically attack finals week in two different ways.

The first attack method involves extensive studying, adequate sleep, healthy dietary plan and thirty minute exercise sessions to help stimulate the brain and function normally due to increased stress levels. Time Magazine’s research shows that pulling an “all-nighter” is the worst thing students can do to their brains. “Fatigued brains do not retain information, nor do they recall it well.” (Time Magazine, 1)

In the midst of long study hours, it’s always beneficial to ones health to stop for thirty minutes and do a physical activity that promotes blood flow and get the heart beating. Sitting for ten hours can be harsh on the human body and thirty minutes won’t determine the outcome of your final grade either. Doing simple stretching of the back, leg, arm and neck muscles not only makes you feel better but can also benefit your brain to retain information better as well.

On the other hand, students second attack method to finals week involves last minute planning and cramming information due to poor time management.

College students have been known to pull all-nighters, study minutes before an exam or plagiarize papers that are due last minute due to lack of time or planning. The reason for last minute planning could be due to the fact some students have to study for anywhere between three and seven finals all in one week. Finals week literally means every class’s final test all in one week.

On top of being rushed, most student’s instinct is to inhale high fat and high calorie fast-food to get back to studying faster, which doesn’t help our brain’s activities or physical state improve. In times of high stress levels, students seek immediate gratification or comfort food which in most cases mean high volumes of greasy food.

Firsthand Experiences

As Liberty University is in the midst of our finals week, the two attack methods of students studying for finals are very evident across campus.

Sophomore nurse Shelley Morse is attacking finals with preparation, confidence and very mature time management skills in order to be the most successful taking her tests.

When asked about her stress levels, Shelley said that she is doing pretty well balancing six finals spread out over the course of the week with study groups, coffee breaks and quick runs around campus to regroup and keep her sanity. Nursing here at Liberty is one of the most prestigious majors due to its level of work it demands. The program grades on a seven point curve, meaning in order to get an A in the course the student must receive at least a 93 percent.

On the other hand, freshmen Lawrence Lee is attacking finals with last minute cramming, consuming volumes of McDonalds and almost too much sleep throughout his finals week.

Lawrence unfortunately got behind in the semester before Spring Break and never worked his way through school work. He obtained a GPA for 1.7, receiving all D’s and failed one of his five classes.

“I’m not taking the finals because they won’t help me anyways. I’ll just retake the classes next semester so I already know what to expect.” Lawrence Lee said.

Shelley and Lawrence are two dramatically different types of students and showed the two different attack methods to finals week. It does take a lot of maturity to pursue finals with confidence and preparation, however it’s nothing that is impossible.

Final Outcome

No matter how a student studies for finals, the week does come to an end and everybody returns home so there is light at the end of the tunnel. Students, faculty and families need to stay strong and help one another try to attack finals with the first method involving preparation, exercise, healthy eating and sleep in order to be successful in finals week.

There is life after finals week, but depending on how the student studies for their finals makes all the difference in the world.

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Web story:

How to Manage Finals Week

By: Caroline Morse

Finals week is approaching fast at Liberty University and students may be cramming information while others came prepared for their final exams.

Some students are pretty stress-free due to preparation for exams, effective studying, healthy eating habits and plenty of sleep while others are cramming information last minute and are practically having anxiety attacks thinking about finals. College students attack finals through many different methods so Liberty University had to think of something that could apply to everyone; staying active while studying. Depending on the student’s course load, finals week can be pretty relaxing or it can be super stressful due to the amount of work needed to pass finals with flying colors.

Since students study in all different ways, Liberty is hosting a De-Stress Fest on May 6 in the LaHaye Event Space and on the Library Lawn to help students have a little dose of fun during a stressful time called Finals Week.

Events in De-Stress Fest include:

  • Corn hole
  • Massages
  • Free food
  • Spike ball
  • Interactive games
  • Movie Zootopia
  • And so much more!

Activities are important during finals week because sitting and studying for multiple hours is really degrading on our bodies and brains. Taking a quick break to walk even for 10 minutes, play a game of corn hole or play interactive games can help jumpstart your body and brain to retain information better.

Time Magazine said that exercise boosts blood flow to the brain, and sitting in one place for an extended period of time can lead to a tired, ill-supplied mind.

Other Student Activities around campus involve a community yard sale on May 4, kayaking on the Library Lake on May 5 and the senior picnic on May 7.

Liberty University does its best to help support students and staff during finals week which may be the most stressful time each semester by hosting fun activities that everybody can relax and just have fun. The University can’t really control the student body’s study habits but they can promote being healthy while getting excellent grades. Students need to take advantage of Liberty’s De-Stress Fest May 4 to May 10 in order to have fun during finals week, stay healthy and be in a great mind set to attack our final exams head on.

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Broadcast Script

Here at Liberty University you may be wondering what all of the buzz is around campus// Finals week of the spring semester is here for students and stress is definitely in the air at the Jerry Falwell Library///

The library has been packed since students have started studying as early as last Monday/ May second and has yet to slow down// The library has even extended their hours until two in the morning to help us get all of our studying time in///

However, the De-Stress Fest here on campus helps us stay active during the day with fun games of corn hole/ spike ball and free food to help us just have a little fun during finals week///

So/ put down the Starbucks and we’ll see you there soon///


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Operation: Take me Out of the Ball Game

On April 10, Liberty University’s baseball team played during an annual military appreciation game at LU, beating Charleston State 9-6 and honoring the men and women who have served in the U.S. military.
The game, which was coordinated and hosted by Liberty Military Affairs, was a huge success, resulting in an attendance of roughly 50 veterans. The game began at 1:30 p.m. with the National Anthem and the unfurling of the American Flag along with a joint colorguard between the Air Force and Army ROTC.
All veterans in attendance were admitted into the game for free and received a five dollar meal voucher. In addition to this, the first 1,000 guests to arrive received a free camo Liberty t-shirt.

“I thought it was awesome. It’s always great to be able to honor the men and women serving our country and the military, because at the end of the day baseball is just a game and they’re laying their lives down for our freedom,” said Liberty baseball player Josh Barrick.
The game was a great opportunity for veterans and their families to come out and have a good time.
“It’s a great time any time you get to come out and be around other veterans, and get to bring your family out,” Staff Sgt. Matt Vanderveer said.
Liberty Military Affairs is dedicated to reaching out to the Military communities at Liberty University. They provide their supports through various outlets.
• Resources: Liberty Military Affairs provides resources and tools for both residential and online military students.

• Academic Programs: Liberty offers a variety of programs for military students to succeed in achieving their goals.

• Financial Support: Liberty University provides financial support for Military students. They offer a wide variety of scholarships.

• Military Community: Liberty University strives to reach out to the military members of our community and their families. They provide programs that help students reach out to active members through care packages. Liberty also host events, such as the military appreciation game, honoring the men and women who have served.

As the semester comes to an end, Liberty University will be hosting two more events:
• The Military Appreciation Softball game, which will be held April 24
• The Military Graduation Recognition Ceremony, which will be held May 13 at 7:30 p.m.

Petty Officer 3rd class, Jimmy Bible came out to enjoy the game with his son. Bible says that Liberty is not ashamed of the military like many other schools.
The baseball game was one of many successful game and events to show support for our U.S. military. Liberty University will continue to show its support of the U.S. Military, as well as bring home many more victories by the Liberty baseball team.

The above story was written by a student journalist at Liberty University for a class project. 

The Oasis, A Vue Community, The BEST Place For Students To Live

Madison Reasor || April 15, 2016

The newest addition to the Vue communities; The Oasis which opened this spring, had an open house on Saturday and is now 90 percent full.

According to the Vue’s website, the apartment complex has 168 rooms that has a total of 680 beds, but is filling up quick.

“Out of 680 beds only 140 are available today,” Grace McDonald, worker and resident at the Oasis said.

There are three Vue Communities: The Oasis, College Square and Cornerstone. Each community has its own theme. The themes for each one include:
·      The Oasis: Beach theme
·      College Square: Town home feeling
·      Cornerstone: Neighborhood

“I highly recommend the Oasis for any college student looking for a fun place to live. It is really made for college students,” McDonald said.

McDonald, who works at the front desk of the Oasis told me during an interview that she loves working and living at the Oasis because it is very convenient being able to just walk to work.

“Switching from the quads to the Oasis is going to be the best decision I have ever made,” Alex Rogers, student at Liberty University said.

Rogers is a sophomore at Liberty University and this will be the first time living off campus and he is excited about it. He also told me that the quads are small and cramped but took a tour of the Oasis and instantly fell in love.

The Oasis is unlike any other apartment complex because it has so many more features for the students. The amenities include a heated pool, 24-hour fitness, an arcade room, study rooms and computers that the residents can use.

“It is truly made for the students. The study rooms are just like the ones in the Jerry Falwell library,” McDonald said.

McDonald also told me that they would be building more apartments across from the existing apartments on the mountain.

According to the website, The Oasis is very affordable with apartments that range from six bedrooms that costs $400 a month to four bedrooms that costs $500 per month, and everything is fully furnished, the best thing is the 65 inch television.

If you would like more information visit their website by clicking HERE or call 434-329-7979.

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The above story was written by a student journalist at Liberty University for a class project.

The Flametrain gives incentive to cheer them on over ACC foe

Posted: Friday, April 8, 2016. 11:59 p.m. By: Josh Barrick

The Liberty Flames baseball team plays the Duke Blue Devils this Tuesday night and will be giving out throwback snapbacks to the first 2,000 fans that come.

Liberty University is all about giving away free things at sporting events to get a good turnout and Tuesday night is no exception. If you have been to a Liberty baseball game before you may have left with a couple more shirts to put in closet. Now, if you are one of the first 2,000 fans on Tuesday you will be expanding your wardrobe once again with a new snapback hat.

“When I know there is going to be a shirt or a hat handed out for free, it definitely makes me want to go to the games. What is better then baseball and free stuff,” Liberty Student Zach Clinton says.

This just goes to show that free handouts and a packed baseball stadium goes hand in hand. Students love free stuff, so it is a great tactic by the University and Liberty baseball authorities to give out cool gear at home games.

“We work with marketing every year on what are the best games are to hand out free shirts or hats to the students. We also make sure that what we hand out is something the students actually want so they do come to games. It has been a good tactic in the past and we keep trying to come up with new ideas to keep getting big turnouts,” Director of Baseball Operations Dan Brown said.


The snapback is not the last free item being handed out this year. The last couple items are as following:

  • Vintage Flames jersey t-shirt
  • Beat Costal t-shirt
  • Free coke with the purchase of Flames hotdog

The Flames looks to even up the season series on the field with the Blue Devils. They are 1-1 against Duke and Tuesday will be the rubber match. Last time these two teams met Duke beat the Flames 6-1. Liberty needs this win as it would be huge for them later on down the road in the RPI ratings.

The Flames are 19-15 on the year and are coming down to the last third of their season. They are fighting for an opportunity to play in the postseason this and need every win they can get. So, come cheer the Flametrain on to victory Tuesday night. The Flametrian need all the fans they can get according to Liberty’s DH Nick Walker.

Come on out and support your Liberty baseball team. Always remember to be early. Be loud. Wear red. Get a snapback.

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The above story was written by a student journalist at Liberty University for a class project.



Watering Liberia: Hydrating a nation from Lynchburg

Cassie Conley/ April 14, 2016

Liberty University students promote life and health through The Ten Campaign project in Liberia bringing water and the gospel to a miserable and desperate nation.

Todd Phillips, founder of The Last Well project, focuses on two questions when targeting the place with the greatest need. What is the greatest need in the world and what is the most challenging place in the world? Liberia.

The Ten Campaign is partnered with The Last Well with one main goal- hydrating the people of Liberia.

The Last Well project’s goal is to provide access to clean water for the entire nation of Liberia and offer the gospel to every person by the year 2020. According to their pamphlet, there have been 1496 projects to date leaving 2400 projects left to reach the end goal.

“You just know you’re leaving- you’re evacuating from a place where your continued presence might have some help,” Todd Phillips told NBC5 in an interview describing his trips to Liberia.

According to the The Last Well, Liberia was the answer for various reasons:
· 250,000 Liberians died as result of long- term conflict
· Framework of the entire country destroyed
· Liberia is consistently in the bottom five deprived countries
· One of the top five most miserable countries

Water will:
· Increase quality of life
· Raise child survival rate
· Increase health of village
“The most important thing is that people get clean water. Obviously, the gospel is the goal but water is the tool that we use to share the gospel, especially to those in Liberia. So it’s just a phenomenal way to evangelize and spread the name of Jesus to that nation,” Student Body President Quincy Thompson said.

Donating is a simple way to raise awareness and support the work being done in the country of Liberia.

“I think the most impactful part of the project is the fact that it literally saves lives. It brings water to people and families that would not get it from anywhere else and that is life changing,” Liberty University Senior,  Bennet Wagenknecht said.

Why does it matter?

Matthew 10:42: “And whoever gives one of the little ones even a cup of cold water  because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward.”


The above story was written by a student journalist at Liberty University for a class project.