Liberty University transit services route 90 schedule change

By: Cailin McNamara

Liberty students who reside in the Cornerstone apartment complex have relied on the bus route that goes back and forth for quite some time.


Liberty University transit services offers bus route 90 for students who live in Cornerstone so they can take the bus back and forth between school and the complex every 15 minutes.

This route takes Greenview Drive to Highway 29, which takes the bus right to Liberty’s campus.

“It is so helpful to me especially since I do not have a car, it offers me more flexibility with my class schedule,” said Mariah Rexach, a Liberty University senior.

The Commonwealth Transportation Board awarded roughly $10.8 million to widen Greenview Drive from two to four lanes. Along with sidewalks, new traffic signals, storm drains and new lighting and landscaping.


During the fall semester, construction began on the Greenview Drive and Leeseville Road intersection.

This has become an issue for commuters who take the 90-bus through this route because it has caused extreme traffic delays making students late for class.

In an effort to fix this problem, Liberty transit services had changed their guaranteed travel time from every 15 minutes to every 30 minutes.

Tim Spencer, the charter services coordinator for Liberty transit services, says once the Greenview Drive and Leeseville Road intersection construction is finished the schedule will go back to running every 15 minutes.

“Students are not too happy about the fact that it is every half hour. But they should be happy that they know that the bus will be there and that the time they get to campus is guaranteed,” Spencer said.


On the days that there is extreme traffic on Greenview Drive, the drivers can take an alternate route down Timberlake Road and still arrive on time as promised. Taking Timberlake is a little bit of a longer ride, but the departure times are still being made.

“Bus drivers have been doing a great job of communicating with each other when the route must be changed due to traffic build up on Greenview Drive,” Spencer said.

These buses start running at 7:30 a.m., departing from Cornerstone, and run every 30 minutes until 5 p.m.. After 5 p.m. the buses run every hour until 9 p.m..

“This is extremely inconvenient because I have classes after 5 p.m. and I now need to leave an hour earlier than I need to in order to get to class on time,” said Sydney Malcolm, Liberty student.

Many commuters with the same issue have gone to transit services to complain.

“We are aware that after 5 p.m. it is a strong inconvenience for a lot of students but it is the best we can do right because we go from two buses running to one,” Spencer said. “We are doing the best we can to keep the buses running efficiently.”

There are only two buses that drive this route. Malcolm says that if transit services increased the number of buses, getting back to the 15-minute schedule would be easier.

Bailey Moulton, a route 90 bus driver, says that it would have been impossible to keep the 15-minute schedule in affect with the construction.

“Two may not seem like enough now, but once the construction is finished it will be back to normal with departures every 15,” says Moulton.

The construction is expected to be finished over the summer and the 90 bus schedule will return to running every 15 minutes in the fall semester.

“We made this change purely for the construction so we can keep our promise to students that we will get them back and forth within 30 minutes, instead of saying we are still running the 15 minute schedule and lying to the riders and making them later for a variety of things,” Spencer said.

Listen to full story here: Full Story


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