New Meal Plan for Resident Students

by: Josh Barrick

Who? Liberty Students and head of Liberty food services

What? Freedom Dinning Plus meal plan

When? Fall 2016

Where? All food locations on campus except Pizza Hut

Liberty University is expanding their resident dinning meal options once again by offering a new dinning meal plan for the fall semester of 2016.

This upcoming fall semester Liberty will be introducing the Freedom Dinning Plus meal plan. This new plan will allow students to enjoy all of the regular food choices like the Reber-Thomas Dinning Hall and the Tilley Student Center, but the new plan will have some new venues as well.

The new plan now will extend to food options listed as following:

Students will be allowed to have 10 bonus meal swipes to these places per week. As far as what the swipes will get you that is still to be determined.

“The menu has not fully been created yet, but there will be one meal at each place that will count as a swipe. For example, at Dunkin Donuts the swipe could include a cup of coffee and a donut. We are still in the process of deciding what the swipe will consist of at each location,” Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Services Louis Cambeletta said.

The new student center will be completed by the fall semester and will have five new food options. These options include Garbanzo’s (Mediterranean), Star Ginger (Asian), UFood (burgers), The Grid Marketplace (a convenience store concept) and Argo Tea (teahouse). All will be made available to use a swipe at with the new plan.

Liberty has always listened to the opinion of their students and tried to meet their needs as much as they can. The new meal plan is no exception as students are already raving over the new swipe options.

“This new meal plan is fire and I am super stoked about it. I’m excited for the new changes Liberty is going through including this new meal plan as food is very important to me,” Liberty student Payton Taylor said.

“I have always said Liberty should allow those places to take swipes. That makes me a happy man. I love those places but never ate there because my plan did not cover it,” Liberty student standout Andrew Yacyk said.

There will still be a Freedom Dinning basic plan for those on campus which will not include the 10 bonus swipes a week to the new options. As far as commuters go there will still be the 30, 60 and 90 swipe plan. This is the prepaid plan where the students pay up front for the swipes they get.

However, if students only buy the swipes they will not be able to use them at new options like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. In order for them to receive these benefits they must buy the Freedom Dinning Plus plan.

The Freedom Dinning Plus plan seems like the way to go in the Fall 2016 semester. The University will have to see if their new plan pays off in the end and ultimately makes their students happy.

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Web News Story

Liberty University has announced its new meal plan called the Freedom Dinning Plus plan for the upcoming Fall semester and the benefits that will come with it.

Liberty will continue to have their normal plans that they had last year like their basic Freedom Dinning Plan for resident students, as well as the swipe plan (30,60 and 90) for commuters.

These plans worked well for the University and there is no reason to change them.

However, the new Freedom Dinning Plus plan is a wonderful addition to all the other existing plans. It will allow the students to have 10 bonus swipes to new venues around the campus. These venues include Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Auntie Anne’s, SubConnection, Chick-Fil-A and five new food options in the upcoming student center.

The new student center will be built by the beginning of the Fall semester. Its food choices will include Garbanzo’s (Mediterranean), Star Ginger (Asian), UFood (burgers), The Grid Marketplace (a convenience store concept) and Argo Tea (teahouse).

These new bonus swipes were made available with the intention of giving the students better food choices in the meal plan and giving the students more convenient places to eat during classes.

“Our main intention in making these new swipes available was to benefit the students by making it more convenient to have food choices near the library and Demoss. Now students will not have to go to the Reber-Thomas Dinning Hall or North Campus to use their meal plans.”

After hearing about the new plan, students are raving over the new options and benefits that it will bring.

“Now that Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts is part of the meal plan that will lighten up my pockets because I will not have to spend extra money to go there anymore. The most important thing about the new plan is that it will be time efficient. I might not be able to make it over to the rot in between classes but now I can just go use a swipe at Starbucks,” Liberty student Corey Howard.

The new plan will be the most convenient and inclusive plan Liberty University has ever offered.

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