Liberty Online Goes Offline: The Big Move

By: Cassie Conley

Who: Liberty University Online

What: Move to new location

When: May 4, 2016

Liberty University’s Online (LUO) program has officially reached its new destination after preparing for this domino effect move for months.

Previously located conveniently near Liberty University’s campus, LUO has moved to a bigger office to accommodate the hundreds of employees needed for the program’s growing numbers. After the relocation this will  allow several departments from main campus to occupy the empty space left at River Ridge Mall.

“The school felt the mall would do better without Liberty taking up space that could be used for retail,” President Jerry Falwell said in the News & Advance.

The new office building located on Graves Mill Road welcomed Liberty University Online Wednesday, May 4. The employees were required to attend a professional development meeting during the morning followed by a complimentary lunch at Reber Thomas Dining Hall located on Liberty University’s main campus.

“Our previous office was great. It was convenient to campus and everyone was pretty well acquainted with it, but when it came down to it, we just really needed a bigger space,” Office Manager Debra Tyree said.

Many departments were affected during this move, however Liberty Online has been training their employees for months because of the changes that would occur. Certain departments were merged together while certain employees shifted their focus as a result of the move.

“I was reluctant at first, but the place is going to be awesome once its functional. There are a ton of issues, which is somewhat expected with a  move this size, but Liberty is typically fast with working these kind  of things out,” Gabriel McGann said.

Each executive, department, and student worker were responsible for their cubicle or office. This included labeling, organizing, and packing their belongings to ensure efficiency during the transition to the new office.

“Yes, it was a big job but it was nice to see everyone working together. It felt more like we were family after all that,” Department of Recruitment student worker Carrie Henning said.

Left Behind

The new office building has  left several people with mixed emotions. There were certain departments that were not required to move to the new office space and were forced to watch fellow coworkers and friends pack their desks.For many, it was a bittersweet experience.

Ezra Anderson Liberty University Online Academy

Along with the benefits that come with the job at LUO, many friendships are built here and creating space between them has been difficult for several of the employees.

“I’m happy with the move overall, although it is bittersweet, because I get a better desk arrangement, but less interaction with coworkers,” Academic Advisor George Alderman said.

For those departments that were left behind, a series of changes will occur. Student workers will no longer be responsible for opening, closing and coffee responsibilities, rather each department will learn and be responsible for their own area.

Student workers are responsible for ensuring the coffee is well maintained, faxes, supplies are delivered in a timely manner, special projects for departments, opening and closing responsibilities and several other important tasks. These tasks will now be carried out by the student workers at the Graves Mill Road location.

The new office space will take time to become the familiar atmosphere found at River Ridge Mall, however with the team working together it will not take too long.

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Web Story:

Focusing on the positives

By: Cassie Conley

Liberty University’s Online program has completed the moving process leaving the employees with mixed feelings about the transition.


Many employees were a part of the long- awaited move that took place Wednesday, May 4. While most are excited and optimistic about the space and new office opportunities for departments on main campus, it has been a bittersweet moment for many. Friendships that have been developing over time are now finding distance because of certain departments remaining at the River Ridge Mall Location.For some these changes are seen as unnecessary or inconvenient., however many are trying to focus on the new features that are offered, while others are just thankful it is closer to where they live.

New features at the Graves Mill Road location include:

  • New recreational room
  • Sodexo catering
  • More cubicles
  • Larger conference rooms
  • Separate floors for various departments
  • Larger cubicle spaces
  • More space in the break rooms

“It’s perfect for Liberty’s uses, because it’s already set up to be a call center,” President Jerry Falwell said in The News and Advance.

The University worked hard to ensure a smooth transition by allowing adequate time for moving, requesting additional help, closing the department early and supplying boxes to every employee. Employees were then required to label all their personal belongings which would then be moved for them during the night.

Liberty University Online allows over 90,000 students to receive an education without ever stepping foot on campus. This number has and continues to grow as the program strives for excellency and because of this a bigger work space was needed.

The online program recently occupied the Sears portion of River Ridge Mall in Lynchburg, VA.

According to Liberty News, Liberty University recently purchased 75 percent interest in the mall to benefit the city of Lynchburg.

Liberty University Online is back in action in their new call center and will continue with normal routine.

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Broadcast Script

At Liberty University/ it seems like there is always something going on// Well/ that is even true for the online program// With the  expansion of the program/ Liberty Online needed a larger work environment which is what brought them here to what is previously recognized as Nationwide///

This new office space offers more offices/larger cubicles/ a recreational room/ a more professional atmosphere and several other unique features//

While there are many mixed emotions about this transition/ most of the employees are focusing on the positive and thankful for the opportunities this move has created.

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Time: 32 seconds




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