Finals Week: The Trail of Tears

By: Caroline Morse

Finals week at universities can be full of stress, tears and sleepless nights as students prepare for the end of the school year.

The most intimidating time at universities is when finals week rolls around at the end of the fall and spring semesters. Most students are just submitting their final projects for classes when the storm of cumulative tests start brewing the week beforehand. Some young scholars may become very anxious, feel under-prepared for tests or even feel hopeless seeing how close finals are. Other young scholars feel prepared, confident and are ready to ride through the storm to finish the semester out strong.

Finals week is here.

Attack Modes

In order to survive this week of terror, students typically attack finals week in two different ways.

The first attack method involves extensive studying, adequate sleep, healthy dietary plan and thirty minute exercise sessions to help stimulate the brain and function normally due to increased stress levels. Time Magazine’s research shows that pulling an “all-nighter” is the worst thing students can do to their brains. “Fatigued brains do not retain information, nor do they recall it well.” (Time Magazine, 1)

In the midst of long study hours, it’s always beneficial to ones health to stop for thirty minutes and do a physical activity that promotes blood flow and get the heart beating. Sitting for ten hours can be harsh on the human body and thirty minutes won’t determine the outcome of your final grade either. Doing simple stretching of the back, leg, arm and neck muscles not only makes you feel better but can also benefit your brain to retain information better as well.

On the other hand, students second attack method to finals week involves last minute planning and cramming information due to poor time management.

College students have been known to pull all-nighters, study minutes before an exam or plagiarize papers that are due last minute due to lack of time or planning. The reason for last minute planning could be due to the fact some students have to study for anywhere between three and seven finals all in one week. Finals week literally means every class’s final test all in one week.

On top of being rushed, most student’s instinct is to inhale high fat and high calorie fast-food to get back to studying faster, which doesn’t help our brain’s activities or physical state improve. In times of high stress levels, students seek immediate gratification or comfort food which in most cases mean high volumes of greasy food.

Firsthand Experiences

As Liberty University is in the midst of our finals week, the two attack methods of students studying for finals are very evident across campus.

Sophomore nurse Shelley Morse is attacking finals with preparation, confidence and very mature time management skills in order to be the most successful taking her tests.

When asked about her stress levels, Shelley said that she is doing pretty well balancing six finals spread out over the course of the week with study groups, coffee breaks and quick runs around campus to regroup and keep her sanity. Nursing here at Liberty is one of the most prestigious majors due to its level of work it demands. The program grades on a seven point curve, meaning in order to get an A in the course the student must receive at least a 93 percent.

On the other hand, freshmen Lawrence Lee is attacking finals with last minute cramming, consuming volumes of McDonalds and almost too much sleep throughout his finals week.

Lawrence unfortunately got behind in the semester before Spring Break and never worked his way through school work. He obtained a GPA for 1.7, receiving all D’s and failed one of his five classes.

“I’m not taking the finals because they won’t help me anyways. I’ll just retake the classes next semester so I already know what to expect.” Lawrence Lee said.

Shelley and Lawrence are two dramatically different types of students and showed the two different attack methods to finals week. It does take a lot of maturity to pursue finals with confidence and preparation, however it’s nothing that is impossible.

Final Outcome

No matter how a student studies for finals, the week does come to an end and everybody returns home so there is light at the end of the tunnel. Students, faculty and families need to stay strong and help one another try to attack finals with the first method involving preparation, exercise, healthy eating and sleep in order to be successful in finals week.

There is life after finals week, but depending on how the student studies for their finals makes all the difference in the world.

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Web story:

How to Manage Finals Week

By: Caroline Morse

Finals week is approaching fast at Liberty University and students may be cramming information while others came prepared for their final exams.

Some students are pretty stress-free due to preparation for exams, effective studying, healthy eating habits and plenty of sleep while others are cramming information last minute and are practically having anxiety attacks thinking about finals. College students attack finals through many different methods so Liberty University had to think of something that could apply to everyone; staying active while studying. Depending on the student’s course load, finals week can be pretty relaxing or it can be super stressful due to the amount of work needed to pass finals with flying colors.

Since students study in all different ways, Liberty is hosting a De-Stress Fest on May 6 in the LaHaye Event Space and on the Library Lawn to help students have a little dose of fun during a stressful time called Finals Week.

Events in De-Stress Fest include:

  • Corn hole
  • Massages
  • Free food
  • Spike ball
  • Interactive games
  • Movie Zootopia
  • And so much more!

Activities are important during finals week because sitting and studying for multiple hours is really degrading on our bodies and brains. Taking a quick break to walk even for 10 minutes, play a game of corn hole or play interactive games can help jumpstart your body and brain to retain information better.

Time Magazine said that exercise boosts blood flow to the brain, and sitting in one place for an extended period of time can lead to a tired, ill-supplied mind.

Other Student Activities around campus involve a community yard sale on May 4, kayaking on the Library Lake on May 5 and the senior picnic on May 7.

Liberty University does its best to help support students and staff during finals week which may be the most stressful time each semester by hosting fun activities that everybody can relax and just have fun. The University can’t really control the student body’s study habits but they can promote being healthy while getting excellent grades. Students need to take advantage of Liberty’s De-Stress Fest May 4 to May 10 in order to have fun during finals week, stay healthy and be in a great mind set to attack our final exams head on.

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Broadcast Script

Here at Liberty University you may be wondering what all of the buzz is around campus// Finals week of the spring semester is here for students and stress is definitely in the air at the Jerry Falwell Library///

The library has been packed since students have started studying as early as last Monday/ May second and has yet to slow down// The library has even extended their hours until two in the morning to help us get all of our studying time in///

However, the De-Stress Fest here on campus helps us stay active during the day with fun games of corn hole/ spike ball and free food to help us just have a little fun during finals week///

So/ put down the Starbucks and we’ll see you there soon///


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