The Oasis, A Vue Community, The BEST Place For Students To Live

Madison Reasor || April 15, 2016

The newest addition to the Vue communities; The Oasis which opened this spring, had an open house on Saturday and is now 90 percent full.

According to the Vue’s website, the apartment complex has 168 rooms that has a total of 680 beds, but is filling up quick.

“Out of 680 beds only 140 are available today,” Grace McDonald, worker and resident at the Oasis said.

There are three Vue Communities: The Oasis, College Square and Cornerstone. Each community has its own theme. The themes for each one include:
·      The Oasis: Beach theme
·      College Square: Town home feeling
·      Cornerstone: Neighborhood

“I highly recommend the Oasis for any college student looking for a fun place to live. It is really made for college students,” McDonald said.

McDonald, who works at the front desk of the Oasis told me during an interview that she loves working and living at the Oasis because it is very convenient being able to just walk to work.

“Switching from the quads to the Oasis is going to be the best decision I have ever made,” Alex Rogers, student at Liberty University said.

Rogers is a sophomore at Liberty University and this will be the first time living off campus and he is excited about it. He also told me that the quads are small and cramped but took a tour of the Oasis and instantly fell in love.

The Oasis is unlike any other apartment complex because it has so many more features for the students. The amenities include a heated pool, 24-hour fitness, an arcade room, study rooms and computers that the residents can use.

“It is truly made for the students. The study rooms are just like the ones in the Jerry Falwell library,” McDonald said.

McDonald also told me that they would be building more apartments across from the existing apartments on the mountain.

According to the website, The Oasis is very affordable with apartments that range from six bedrooms that costs $400 a month to four bedrooms that costs $500 per month, and everything is fully furnished, the best thing is the 65 inch television.

If you would like more information visit their website by clicking HERE or call 434-329-7979.

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The above story was written by a student journalist at Liberty University for a class project.


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