Parking at LU: Students and Staff Tell All

Caroline Morse| April 13, 2016

Rumors have been flying around Liberty University about parking changes on campus to help students, staff and visitors move around campus much easier.

However, no changes have been planned. Parking on flames territory involves assigned areas for certain students, a parking garage that holds 1,400 cars and even off campus parking that is considered to be in walking distance from the campus. All students- including freshmen are allowed to have cars.

The Problem

As fast as Liberty University is expanding and outgrowing its home city of Lynchburg, president Jerry Falwell Jr. doesn’t see a need to make any changes to the parking crisis. For a school that is anticipated to have 20,000 residential students one day on campus, there’s no feasible way for 20,000 cars to have a spot on campus either.

“The reason we are charging up to $300 is not to make money, it is actually to discourage students from bringing their vehicles on campus,” Falwell Jr. told Liberty Champion.

Even though Liberty’s president increased the payment for having a car on campus, Sophomore Chris Sanzaro feels differently about having access to his car. After being asked if it’s beneficial to have a car on campus, Sanzaro responded with “Yes, so I can go to places that I need to off campus in which buses can’t take me to. Parking here sucks.”

Besides having 20,000 students aiming to reside at Liberty, we also have to consider the staff that drives to educate the student body every day.

Staff member, cleaning engineer and United States marine veteran Edward Ramos attends class in the morning and then works all afternoon into the night shift throughout the week in order to be a full time student and work full time at Liberty.

“There are some areas where only staff can park, but we pay the same amount as the students do too. We need a way better system, maybe another garage cause’ the parking here isn’t the best.” Mr. Ramos said.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys

To help control students and staff that ignore the designated parking areas, Liberty University Police Department (LUPD) strives to help make the traffic travel as smoothly as possible. Students and staff must follow the same rules in Liberty’s code of conduct.

Most Popular Reasons for Towing:

  • Car isn’t parked in designated parking area
  • Parked in multiple spaces
  • Blocking doorways, fire escapes, loading zones, or construction
  • Parked in handicapped spot

So, What Now?

“The administration warns that neither a parking garage nor prohibiting freshmen from bringing cars on campus would actually solve the current challenge.” Liberty Champion said.

Simple solutions that the students and staff can do is carpooling, parking and walking a distance or simply not bringing a car on campus. In order to solve our parking dilemma, all of Liberty University’s body must act together and make a difference if we want to see a positive change.

Left Picture: Interview with Chris Sanzaro

Top Right: Demoss Hall Parking

Bottom Right: Full Parking Garage at Night


The above story was written by a student journalist at Liberty University for a class project




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