Operation: Take me Out of the Ball Game

On April 10, Liberty University’s baseball team played during an annual military appreciation game at LU, beating Charleston State 9-6 and honoring the men and women who have served in the U.S. military.
The game, which was coordinated and hosted by Liberty Military Affairs, was a huge success, resulting in an attendance of roughly 50 veterans. The game began at 1:30 p.m. with the National Anthem and the unfurling of the American Flag along with a joint colorguard between the Air Force and Army ROTC.
All veterans in attendance were admitted into the game for free and received a five dollar meal voucher. In addition to this, the first 1,000 guests to arrive received a free camo Liberty t-shirt.

“I thought it was awesome. It’s always great to be able to honor the men and women serving our country and the military, because at the end of the day baseball is just a game and they’re laying their lives down for our freedom,” said Liberty baseball player Josh Barrick.
The game was a great opportunity for veterans and their families to come out and have a good time.
“It’s a great time any time you get to come out and be around other veterans, and get to bring your family out,” Staff Sgt. Matt Vanderveer said.
Liberty Military Affairs is dedicated to reaching out to the Military communities at Liberty University. They provide their supports through various outlets.
• Resources: Liberty Military Affairs provides resources and tools for both residential and online military students.

• Academic Programs: Liberty offers a variety of programs for military students to succeed in achieving their goals.

• Financial Support: Liberty University provides financial support for Military students. They offer a wide variety of scholarships.

• Military Community: Liberty University strives to reach out to the military members of our community and their families. They provide programs that help students reach out to active members through care packages. Liberty also host events, such as the military appreciation game, honoring the men and women who have served.

As the semester comes to an end, Liberty University will be hosting two more events:
• The Military Appreciation Softball game, which will be held April 24
• The Military Graduation Recognition Ceremony, which will be held May 13 at 7:30 p.m.

Petty Officer 3rd class, Jimmy Bible came out to enjoy the game with his son. Bible says that Liberty is not ashamed of the military like many other schools.
The baseball game was one of many successful game and events to show support for our U.S. military. Liberty University will continue to show its support of the U.S. Military, as well as bring home many more victories by the Liberty baseball team.

The above story was written by a student journalist at Liberty University for a class project. 


The Oasis, A Vue Community, The BEST Place For Students To Live

Madison Reasor || April 15, 2016

The newest addition to the Vue communities; The Oasis which opened this spring, had an open house on Saturday and is now 90 percent full.

According to the Vue’s website, the apartment complex has 168 rooms that has a total of 680 beds, but is filling up quick.

“Out of 680 beds only 140 are available today,” Grace McDonald, worker and resident at the Oasis said.

There are three Vue Communities: The Oasis, College Square and Cornerstone. Each community has its own theme. The themes for each one include:
·      The Oasis: Beach theme
·      College Square: Town home feeling
·      Cornerstone: Neighborhood

“I highly recommend the Oasis for any college student looking for a fun place to live. It is really made for college students,” McDonald said.

McDonald, who works at the front desk of the Oasis told me during an interview that she loves working and living at the Oasis because it is very convenient being able to just walk to work.

“Switching from the quads to the Oasis is going to be the best decision I have ever made,” Alex Rogers, student at Liberty University said.

Rogers is a sophomore at Liberty University and this will be the first time living off campus and he is excited about it. He also told me that the quads are small and cramped but took a tour of the Oasis and instantly fell in love.

The Oasis is unlike any other apartment complex because it has so many more features for the students. The amenities include a heated pool, 24-hour fitness, an arcade room, study rooms and computers that the residents can use.

“It is truly made for the students. The study rooms are just like the ones in the Jerry Falwell library,” McDonald said.

McDonald also told me that they would be building more apartments across from the existing apartments on the mountain.

According to the website, The Oasis is very affordable with apartments that range from six bedrooms that costs $400 a month to four bedrooms that costs $500 per month, and everything is fully furnished, the best thing is the 65 inch television.

If you would like more information visit their website by clicking HERE or call 434-329-7979.

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The above story was written by a student journalist at Liberty University for a class project.

The Flametrain gives incentive to cheer them on over ACC foe

Posted: Friday, April 8, 2016. 11:59 p.m. By: Josh Barrick

The Liberty Flames baseball team plays the Duke Blue Devils this Tuesday night and will be giving out throwback snapbacks to the first 2,000 fans that come.

Liberty University is all about giving away free things at sporting events to get a good turnout and Tuesday night is no exception. If you have been to a Liberty baseball game before you may have left with a couple more shirts to put in closet. Now, if you are one of the first 2,000 fans on Tuesday you will be expanding your wardrobe once again with a new snapback hat.

“When I know there is going to be a shirt or a hat handed out for free, it definitely makes me want to go to the games. What is better then baseball and free stuff,” Liberty Student Zach Clinton says.

This just goes to show that free handouts and a packed baseball stadium goes hand in hand. Students love free stuff, so it is a great tactic by the University and Liberty baseball authorities to give out cool gear at home games.

“We work with marketing every year on what are the best games are to hand out free shirts or hats to the students. We also make sure that what we hand out is something the students actually want so they do come to games. It has been a good tactic in the past and we keep trying to come up with new ideas to keep getting big turnouts,” Director of Baseball Operations Dan Brown said.


The snapback is not the last free item being handed out this year. The last couple items are as following:

  • Vintage Flames jersey t-shirt
  • Beat Costal t-shirt
  • Free coke with the purchase of Flames hotdog

The Flames looks to even up the season series on the field with the Blue Devils. They are 1-1 against Duke and Tuesday will be the rubber match. Last time these two teams met Duke beat the Flames 6-1. Liberty needs this win as it would be huge for them later on down the road in the RPI ratings.

The Flames are 19-15 on the year and are coming down to the last third of their season. They are fighting for an opportunity to play in the postseason this and need every win they can get. So, come cheer the Flametrain on to victory Tuesday night. The Flametrian need all the fans they can get according to Liberty’s DH Nick Walker.

Come on out and support your Liberty baseball team. Always remember to be early. Be loud. Wear red. Get a snapback.

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The above story was written by a student journalist at Liberty University for a class project.



Watering Liberia: Hydrating a nation from Lynchburg

Cassie Conley/ April 14, 2016

Liberty University students promote life and health through The Ten Campaign project in Liberia bringing water and the gospel to a miserable and desperate nation.

Todd Phillips, founder of The Last Well project, focuses on two questions when targeting the place with the greatest need. What is the greatest need in the world and what is the most challenging place in the world? Liberia.

The Ten Campaign is partnered with The Last Well with one main goal- hydrating the people of Liberia.

The Last Well project’s goal is to provide access to clean water for the entire nation of Liberia and offer the gospel to every person by the year 2020. According to their pamphlet, there have been 1496 projects to date leaving 2400 projects left to reach the end goal.

“You just know you’re leaving- you’re evacuating from a place where your continued presence might have some help,” Todd Phillips told NBC5 in an interview describing his trips to Liberia.

According to the The Last Well, Liberia was the answer for various reasons:
· 250,000 Liberians died as result of long- term conflict
· Framework of the entire country destroyed
· Liberia is consistently in the bottom five deprived countries
· One of the top five most miserable countries

Water will:
· Increase quality of life
· Raise child survival rate
· Increase health of village
“The most important thing is that people get clean water. Obviously, the gospel is the goal but water is the tool that we use to share the gospel, especially to those in Liberia. So it’s just a phenomenal way to evangelize and spread the name of Jesus to that nation,” Student Body President Quincy Thompson said.

Donating is a simple way to raise awareness and support the work being done in the country of Liberia.

“I think the most impactful part of the project is the fact that it literally saves lives. It brings water to people and families that would not get it from anywhere else and that is life changing,” Liberty University Senior,  Bennet Wagenknecht said.

Why does it matter?

Matthew 10:42: “And whoever gives one of the little ones even a cup of cold water  because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward.”


The above story was written by a student journalist at Liberty University for a class project.

Liberty ASAD Hosts its 6th annual African Fashion Show

Cailin McNamara || April 14, 2016

After six months of practice and preparation, Liberty University’s ASAD is ready for their biggest fashion show yet happening this coming Saturday.

Liberty ASAD president Sharon Asebe has gone above and beyond to pull this show together, as this is her first year being in office. Asebe stated, “It has been a lot of hard work and dedication from myself, the rest of the board and the models but its going to be a phenomenal show.” She titled the show “African Couture” because it’s going to show off the many different styles of clothing worn all through out Africa.

There are over 80 models between three walks, but the final walk consists of 40 models that will all be wearing the same fabric but in different styles. While Sharon was home in Nigeria over winter break, she had all the clothes custom made for all the models. An article in L’etage Magazine gave some insight into how great last years show was and president Asebe said this year’s show is going to be even better.

Along with the clothes that will be shown, there will also be many different things showing off the African culture. Examples being:

·      Foods from the different countries

·      Traditional dance performances

Ada Ayuk, who happens to be Asebe’s cousin, is the head of the ASAD dance team. There will be four members of their team that will be doing two traditionally choreographed dances during the show. “We are so excited to performance these dances that we have worked so hard on and to show how beautiful African style dance is,” said Ayuk.

ASAD Stands for Association of Students of African Decent and was started at Liberty in 2002 by Dr. Yaw. Yaw is the Associate Professor of English and has been teaching here at Liberty University for 17 years.

President Asebe encourages everyone to come out for a great night and to get the full experience of African food, dance and fashion.

The show will begin at 7 o’clock p.m. with a red carpet beginning at 6:15 p.m in Liberty University’s Lahaye event space.  If you are interested in going to the show you can get your tickets at the international student center in Demoss room 2003.

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The above story was written by a student journalist at Liberty University for a class project.

5K in Lynchburg to help support women with unplanned pregnancies

By W. Bennett Brown – Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 6 p.m.

The Donut Dash is a free 5K race taking place in Lynchburg, Virginia at 9:30 a.m. April 16 and is sponsored by local non-profits: The Fish & Bread Project and One Community Church.

The race is open to the public and will take place at Percival’s Island. There will be free donuts for participants, as well as grand prizes for those who help raise money for Axiom Sports United, The Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center and the Hill City Crash basketball team of Lynchburg.

The Fish & Bread Project’s goal is to raise $20,000. The current amount raised is 11 percent of their total goal.

“We are able to learn about all the different ministries (Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center and Axiom) through The Fish & Bread Project and are able to donate money and help out through fundraisers and any way we could,” Grant Atchison, Junior at Liberty University said.

The Fish & Bread Project is well-known by students living on “The Hill”, which are dorms at Liberty University. Matt Short, a Resident Director on The Hill, started the program in 2012 as a way to help students develop giving hearts and to be active in helping those in need.

“We have students that were involved with Fish & Bread, became youth pastors, and implemented the dollar-a-week giving with their students — they sponsor children in other countries, missionaries overseas and so on,” Short told the Liberty Champion.

The women at The Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center are helped by the donations raised by the Donut Dash. The funds that students and others raise provide financial help for their pregnancies, as well as guidance and spiritual growth.

“We first became involved with The Fish & Bread Project when me and Grant moved up in leadership, our Resident Director Matt Short, he created the ministry, and that’s something he does on all his halls. Ever since we got involved we loved it. We got passionate about the ministries it supports,” Andrew Pivetz, Junior at Liberty University said.

Anyone can be involved with the race and with raising money for The Fish & Bread Project.

According to the FundEasy for the Donut Dash, those participating in the race, or fundraising, can win prizes.

Participation Prizes:

Those who finish in the top 25 of their gender are entered to win a $150 gift card to Riverside Runners.

Sponsorship Prizes:

  • All registered participants are put in a raffle for an Eno Hammock.
  • Everyone who raises $25 will be entered to win a variety of $25 gift cards.
  • Everyone who raises $100 will be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card.
  • Everyone who raises $500 will be entered to win a $150 gift card to Riverside Runners.
  • Everyone who raises $1000 will receive a $150 Amazon gift card.
  • Everyone who raises $2000 will receive a $300 Amazon gift card.

Anyone interested in being a participant in the 5K Donut Dash can sign up here, before April 16, 2016. Directions to the event can be found here.

(Above) An interview with Liberty student leaders Pivetz and Atchison.

*The article above was written by a student journalist at Liberty University for a class project.

Parking at LU: Students and Staff Tell All

Caroline Morse| April 13, 2016

Rumors have been flying around Liberty University about parking changes on campus to help students, staff and visitors move around campus much easier.

However, no changes have been planned. Parking on flames territory involves assigned areas for certain students, a parking garage that holds 1,400 cars and even off campus parking that is considered to be in walking distance from the campus. All students- including freshmen are allowed to have cars.

The Problem

As fast as Liberty University is expanding and outgrowing its home city of Lynchburg, president Jerry Falwell Jr. doesn’t see a need to make any changes to the parking crisis. For a school that is anticipated to have 20,000 residential students one day on campus, there’s no feasible way for 20,000 cars to have a spot on campus either.

“The reason we are charging up to $300 is not to make money, it is actually to discourage students from bringing their vehicles on campus,” Falwell Jr. told Liberty Champion.

Even though Liberty’s president increased the payment for having a car on campus, Sophomore Chris Sanzaro feels differently about having access to his car. After being asked if it’s beneficial to have a car on campus, Sanzaro responded with “Yes, so I can go to places that I need to off campus in which buses can’t take me to. Parking here sucks.”

Besides having 20,000 students aiming to reside at Liberty, we also have to consider the staff that drives to educate the student body every day.

Staff member, cleaning engineer and United States marine veteran Edward Ramos attends class in the morning and then works all afternoon into the night shift throughout the week in order to be a full time student and work full time at Liberty.

“There are some areas where only staff can park, but we pay the same amount as the students do too. We need a way better system, maybe another garage cause’ the parking here isn’t the best.” Mr. Ramos said.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys

To help control students and staff that ignore the designated parking areas, Liberty University Police Department (LUPD) strives to help make the traffic travel as smoothly as possible. Students and staff must follow the same rules in Liberty’s code of conduct.

Most Popular Reasons for Towing:

  • Car isn’t parked in designated parking area
  • Parked in multiple spaces
  • Blocking doorways, fire escapes, loading zones, or construction
  • Parked in handicapped spot

So, What Now?

“The administration warns that neither a parking garage nor prohibiting freshmen from bringing cars on campus would actually solve the current challenge.” Liberty Champion said.

Simple solutions that the students and staff can do is carpooling, parking and walking a distance or simply not bringing a car on campus. In order to solve our parking dilemma, all of Liberty University’s body must act together and make a difference if we want to see a positive change.

Left Picture: Interview with Chris Sanzaro

Top Right: Demoss Hall Parking

Bottom Right: Full Parking Garage at Night


The above story was written by a student journalist at Liberty University for a class project